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The Best Diamond Platnumz Songs and Videos, Ranked

Diamond Platnumz has the songs for you if you like music that tells a tale. Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian musician whose songs have been praised as some of the best in Africa, is a master at creating musical narratives that emotionally connect with listeners. His songs frequently address themes of love, heartbreak, empowerment, or simply having fun.

This article will dive deep into Diamond Platnumz’s discography and explore his greatest hits. From his classic love songs to the tracks that put him on the map, we’ll go through each tune and uncover what makes them unique. So let’s begin our journey through Diamond Platnumz’s catalog of fantastic music!

Overview of Diamond Platnumz Music

Welcome to the comprehensive database of all songs by Diamond Platnumz! Diamond Platnumz, one of the most well-known African artists of our day, is no stranger to producing hits. He is sure to get you moving with his special fusion of music genres like bongo flava and Afropop.

So what kind of music can you expect to find here? Starting with "Nakupenda," the rapper's debut single from 2009, and ending with "Jeje," his most current single, we have a vast selection of Diamond Platnumz songs. We've selected songs from his numerous albums, such 2018's "A Boy from Tandale" and 2019's "Afro East," in addition to timeless singles like "Kwaru" from 2017.

Whatever your taste may be, this guide will have something for you. Let’s get groovin’!

His Best-Selling Songs

When it comes to Diamond Platnumz, you must have heard quite a few hits—but these five singles are his all-time top songs!

• “Do You Remember”: This ode to a lost love was Diamond Platnumz’s breakout single, which remains popular today. It spent three weeks at the top of the African music chart.

• “Goodbye”: This song has become an international hit thanks to its catchy rhythm and powerful lyrics. It crowned South Africa and Tanzania charts and earned Diamond Platnumz two prestigious awards for Best Male Artist and Best International Artist.

• “Sikomi”: This track is a romantic ballad about how nothing else matters when you love someone special. It topped the charts for two months in Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

• “Tetema”: The catchy beat of this song makes it hard to forget! It has had over 30 million views on YouTube, making it one of Diamond Platnumz’s most popular songs.

• “Uno”: Diamond Platnumz’s latest release is already a huge hit! Fans across Africa can’t get enough of its upbeat tempo and meaningful lyrics, which have already earned him another award for Best Music Video at the Tanzania Music Awards 2020.

His Top 5 Songs of All Time

Diamond Platnumz is an artist known for his catchy tunes and great beats, so you’ll want to check out these five of his most famous songs.

Number One: “Number One” (feat. Davido)

This hit track is Diamond Platnumz’s most streamed song on Spotify, and it’s easy to see why. With its Afrobeats-infused rhythm and energetic lyrics, this classic dance track gets everyone on their feet! This song was released in 2020 under the WCB label and featured Nigerian artist Davido — making it one of the most significant international collaborations in East African music history.

Number Two: “Nana”

This 2008 banger was an instant classic as soon as it dropped. With its creative use of synthesizers and pulsing bassline, this song helped Diamond Platnumz become a household name in East Africa and beyond. Plus, the lyrics tell a story that many fans can relate to — a love story with many ups and downs — so it’s no surprise That it remains one in every of the artist’s most beloved tracks.

Number Three: “Salome” (feat. Rayvanny)

Released in 2017, this song marks Diamond Platnumz’s collaboration with fellow Tanzanian superstar Rayvanny. Once again, we get a fusion of Afrobeats sounds combined with clever lyrics about love and relationships, making this track another hit single for the artist.

Number Four: “African Beauty” (feat. Omarion)

This 2013 release from Diamond Platnumz saw him team up with American R&B star Omarion for an R&B/

Songs That Make You Dance

Diamond Platnumz has an impressive catalog of songs to make you need to arise and groove. Whether it’s the infectious beats of Jeje or the relaxed melody of Number one, there’s something for everyone in Diamond Platnumz’s oeuvre.

With a blend of Tanzanian bongo flava, afrobeat, and R&B, Diamond Platnumz creates dance melodies with something for everyone, no matter what style or genre you prefer.

Hits like:

  • Salome – a hit collaboration with Rayvanny that launched Diamond Platnumz into international fame
  • Kanyaga – several DJs have remixed this dancefloor favorite over time
  • Inama – a love song that is sure to make you fall head over heels
  • Nana – another love song, with its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics
  • Marry You – this sweet romantic track topped charts all over Africa.

With these tunes, it’s no wonder Diamond Platnumz is one of Tanzania’s most beloved musicians!

His Most Iconic Collaborations

Diamond Platnumz has collaborated with other top artists in the African music industry. Here are some of his most iconic collaborations which have left a mark at the records of African music:


In 2016, Diamond partnered with Tanzania’s celebrated female artist, Lava Lava, to create the top hit single “Iyena.” The song crossed borders and became one of East Africa’s biggest hits.


In 2017, Diamond collaborated with Nigeria’s very own Davido to create another classic banger, “Salome.” The music immediately hit and crowned the charts in Tanzania, Nigeria, and Kenya. This was one of his most iconic collaborations ever.


In 2018, Diamond partnered with Tiwa Savage for another fantastic collaboration to create “Nana.” The music shot to the pinnacle of the charts and has become one of Diamond Platnumz’s most beloved songs. With its catchy lyrics and unique beat, it’s no wonder why this is a classic fan favorite.

These are just a few of Diamond Platnumz’s iconic collaborations that have made their mark in the annals of great African music. If you’re looking for catchy tunes from an incredible artist, you should check out these songs!

How to Stream His Songs in Singapore

You’re in luck if you want to listen to Diamond Platnumz’s songs in Singapore. There are a pair of various methods to stream his music online. Here are a few options for you:

Apple Music

Apple Music is a great way to listen to your favorite Diamond Platnumz tunes. Not only do they have a wide array of music from all genres, but their personalization features make it easy for you to find new music and add them to your playlists. Plus, with their app and website, you can listen to his songs from anywhere – even on the go!


Spotify is an excellent streaming service for all types of music, including Diamond Platnumzs hits. With over 30 million tracks available, you can easily find something you like or create your playlist with your favorite jams. And since they offer free and premium accounts, it’s easy to tailor your subscription based on what works best for you.

YouTube Music

Millions of videos have been published to YouTube throughout the years by users who enjoy both music and visual media. You can easily search for Diamond Platnumz's finest songs on YouTube Music and play them right away. You don't have to worry about paying anything more because it's free!


Over the years, Diamond Platnumz has created a bewildering variety of songs, and both domestically and internationally, people like his music. His style has changed from sultry ballads to upbeat club music, yet he has dependably kept his contagious enthusiasm.

It goes without saying that Diamond Platnumz is a must-listen for any fan of African music. His extensive discography has something for everyone, regardless of whether you're just learning about his music or have been a fan for a while. You won't be let down if you plunge in and discover Diamond Platnumz's musical enchantment.


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